beautiful flowers for decorations

If you are presented with an opportunity to plan for a party, specifically an office cocktail party or a wedding party, then flowers play a central role. As with all things that are meant to add décor and brighten a room, there are plenty of flowers available to suit all schemes and occasions. Excellent décor contributes to a party’s aspects that consume a huge chunk of your time and money. And it is not for nothing that exquisite décor makes an enormous contribution to the entire atmosphere of the party, and if planned right, it can make your party truly memorable. That is why it is important to find the best florist to supply the flowers. One such florists are vela flowers, they can be trusted to give quality service. Likewise, below are some tips to help in the search of a good florist.

Finding A Good Florist

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Flowers are the main ingredient in décor. They bring beauty, joy, life and nature to every available party space. And since the minutest detail in flower arrangement from the tiniest ones to the largest ones add spice and enliven the atmosphere, it’s important to select a quality florist who will understand your theme and add glamor to your party. So, to find a real florist here’s what to look for:

Word of mouth

One can ask around for references. But keep your mind open. See who impresses the most people with wedding flowers, cocktail flowers, celebration flowers and special occasion flowers. Satisfied clients are always right, and that means they always know what’s good.

Plan with a budget

Prepare a budget and explain the same to your florist. If you find the florist not willing to accommodate your financial position with his creativity, look for another florist. Find a florist willing to meet you halfway in both creativity and budget.

Check out his selection

Before choosing a florist, check out their portfolio. Do not be carried away by beautiful images appearing on his website and other customer reviews found online. This is the best indication of what they can offer. Ask them to provide past resumes of his work. Ask for evidence of weddings he supplied with flowers, parties, and other special occasions.


Finding the best florist is an indication that you are able to find a balance and compromise between your preferences and the florist’s ideas. You may have some brilliant ideas, only to discover the florist has better ideas than you. You do not want to deal with a florist with rigid ideas and who insists that only his ideas can work best just because he happens to be the most popular florist in town.

Location of florist

You may want to find a florist who works close to your party venue. And who will make delivery arrangements go smoothly? Ask where he gets his flowers from and if they can be delivered as fresh as possible.

Trust goes both ways

kxlkxlxkxxkxkxkThe best florists are in demand. So, do not imagine just because he has accepted your order you need to remain complacent. Some top florists can become suddenly busy with many deliveries especially on the day of the event, which in most cases happens on a Saturday.

So, they may be unavailable to deliver your order on time. Some may forget you altogether. Find a florist who will appear dedicated to collaborate and listen to you. Mutual collaboration and constant communication usually works wonders, and produce excellent results for everyone. And all good florists know that.